Places And Technologies

Connect with other people and learn how to live a more sustainable life in the future. Attend the International Academic Conference on Place and Technologies, where you’ll have the opportunity to expand your horizons by incorporating technology into
diverse disciplines of study in the development of cognitive cities.

“Attending the conference broadened my perspectives by allowing me to see how technology is employed in various areas of life, including the creation of cognitive cities. The keynote speakers were extremely knowledgeable and communicated their insights on the conference topic clearly and concisely.”

Edward Mitchell

New! Conference Program Announced

Don’t miss out on the chance to learn more since we’ve organized yet another conference to inform you about the future of living!

Leading Idea-Motive

Participate in debates where you will have the opportunity to present your thoughts and hear from others about theirs, further improving the concepts that have already
been developed.

Long-Term Solutions

We hope to provide long-term solutions through our conference to make the world more durable and intelligent by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

3rd International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies

Save the date and time as the third edition of the International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies is just around the corner. We aim to invite varied thoughts from around the world to the conference. Click the button below for more information,
and join us in making the world a better and smarter place.

Conference Program And Research

Listen to the other researchers or give a presentation about your findings. In any case, by attending the conference, you will learn about the importance and advancement of cognitive cities. Click on the links below to learn more about the conference programs and research topics.

Conference Benefits

International Scientific Journal

Present your findings in a research paper you write and be considered for publication in our prestigious International Scientific Journal.

Digital Conference

As we aim to bring the conference to you on a digital platform, you can participate in it from anywhere in the world.

Power Point Presentation

You can use your technical skills to effectively communicate your thoughts by creating a PowerPoint presentation and displaying it to the audience to have a better understanding.


Werner E. Daniel

Werner Daniel

I've attended previous conference sessions, and there's no doubt that it provides a great deal of information about technology and
how to apply them.

Fred Pray

I believe the conference has effectively brought together varied perspectives on sustainable living from people all around the world in a very convenient manner.

Tania Nease

The conference successfully communicates the idea that technology may be applied to any field of study, not only science, to make the world an intelligent place.

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