4th International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies

Keeping up with technologies in the context of urban and rural synergy



Prof.Dr Dženana Bijedić

Prof.Dr Aleksandra Krstić-Furundžić

Prof.Mr.Sci Mevludin Zečević


Prof.Dr Eva Vaništa Lazarević

Prof. Dr Aleksandra Djukić

Dr Milena Vukmirović


It is a great pleasure and honour that we are entering the fourth season of the International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies event this June 2017, thus extending the cycle of this important event. The 2017 Conference had three precedents: the first conference was held in 2014 in Belgrade at the Faculty of Architecture – the University of Belgrade, the second was held in 2015 in Slovenia in collaboration with the University of Ljubljana, with the main topic concerning the Healthy Cities and the third was held in 2016 in Belgrade and dedicated to the technologies to create cognitive city. In addition to very reputable scientific conference proceedings, it is important to point out some other valuable results. Two notable results from 2014 Conference that include valuable publications Keeping up with technologies to improve places published by Cambridge Scholar Publishing and Elsevier’s Energy and Buildings Special Issue on Places and Technologies, which were based upon the evaluation of the most outstanding submitted papers from our Conference. Regarding the results of the Conference in 2016, in the process of publication are the book Keeping up with technologies to create cognitive city by highlighting its safety, sustainability, efficiency, imageability and liveability, the special issue of Elsevier’s international journal Energy and Buildings and Facta Universitatis, Series Architecture and Civil Engineering Special Issue.
The fourth Conference is in collaboration with the University of Sarajevo. The focus of the conference is the synergy between urban and rural. Aware of the fact that there are a number of different connections and interactions between rural and urban areas, the conference sets the context of urban and rural synergy as a common thread that connects the enormous diversity of connections and interactions between the given places. The rural-urban linkages to promote development can only synergistically stimulate the growth of certain places, but certainly through and with people who live and work there. In this regard, the conference emphasizes the importance of networking with the specifics of a given environment, social, economic, technological and institutional realities of urban centres and their surroundings.
The conference examines the formation and presentation of knowledge on technologies and the environment, as well as ethical considerations and potential risks, developing solutions, expertise and discussions with respect to one of the emerging spatial development concepts – urban and rural synergy. The stated objective points to the necessity of a multidisciplinary approach to this matter, identification and establishment of relationships between issues of technological development, environmental protection, economic and social change. Consequently, the conference program and research are based on the knowledge of several academic disciplines: engineering and technical sciences, humanities, natural and social sciences.
The papers will be published in the post-conference book of proceedings “Keeping up with Technologies in the Context of Urban and Rural Synergy”, the best of papers will be published in the Scientific Journal Facta Universitatis, Series Architecture and Civil Engineering, as well.
Since the founding conference in Belgrade, there is a visible growing interest in the Places and Technologies Conference encountering support in the region and beyond. All this has qualified the conference as a traditional event. Through a commitment to specific topics and the quality, we have the ambition to keep its importance among the many European conferences.

Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Krstić-Furundžić, Dipl. Eng. Arch.
The University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Serbia
Director of the Conference

Dženana Bijedić
Regional Director of the P&T Conference
PhD, Professor, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Architecture, B&H