1st International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies

Keeping up with technologies to improve places


The University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture and
Professional Association Urban Laboratory


Dr. Eva Vaništa Lazarević
Conference Director, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia

Dr. Milena Vukmirović
Conference Executive Coordinator, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry, Belgrade, Serbia

Dr. Aleksandra Krstić-Furundžić
The University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia

Dr. Aleksandra Đukić
The University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia



Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished speakers and guests, dear colleagues, As a Technical Director of the International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies I must admit that the essence of this idea has been born spontaneously, during discussions on all sorts of architectural issues and chit chats between Dr Milena Vukmirović, assistant of mine, and me, while enjoying hot summer under the trees in my garden. Milena is known as a technically oriented person, ready to try all sorts of new technologies linked with space / place and she met a soul mate in me, always ready to deny my age and seek for something new. Organization Committee with Prof Krstić, Prof Đukić and Prof Bajić Brković have offered and provided their numerous contacts, colleagues from abroad who participate at the Conference. The Faculty of Architecture and its dean, Prof Đokić, have immediately recognized the importance of the Conference on school and gave their utmost technical support.
Therefore, we tried to establish a structure, or frame, of the Conference which would be appealing for all sorts of new age people, those enthusiastic and ready to enter the new era. Because nothing is the same anymore. Looking back, just a decade ago we realize how much we have changed along with our perspective and paradigms.
From the architect’s approach – the impact on the places is enormous.
The conference, therefore, examines the formation and presentation of knowledge of technologies and the environment, as well as the ethical considerations and potential risks. We analyze developing solutions, expertise and discussions with respect to strategic environmental problems. We would like mainly to focus on a multidisciplinary approach to this matter also identifying and establishing relationships between issues of technological development, environmental
protection and social change.
Consequently, the conference program and research are based on the knowledge regarding several academic disciplines: engineering and technical sciences, but also humanities and social sciences. We would like to examine the future of society and places, a design of places, facilities and infrastructure in line with new and future needs of inhabitants; trying to support the development of institutions and regulations. The aim remains always the same: creating an appropriate and high-quality environment with the creation of favourable conditions for the advancement of
innovation and business.
We wish to understand, from the critical aspect, the importance and role of technology in designing creative ideas to improve places. Secondly, we want to realize the importance of the whole image of rapid technological development that is disproportionate to the social progress. That is why we split our focus on several domains: Urban design, Urban planning, Industrial and Architectural design, Building technologies, Sociology of the City, Innovations, ICT, Traffic as well as Contemporary cartography.
We have received a variety of very interesting and innovative research papers made by young scientists from all over Europe, and we are proud to share them gathered in one place. We are particularly proud to say that moderators during sessions will be our most prospective experts in the field, from the region and from abroad as well. A practical reference book consistent of common conclusions from these sessions will be the matter of further presentation. The very best papers will be elected and published by Cambridge Scholar Publishing house and/or in Energy & Building Special Issues.
During the upcoming two days, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture will be the host of an incredible exchange of knowledge, networking and development of new thoughts, ideas and projects.
Thank you for your attention and Welcome to Belgrade!

Prof. Dr Eva Vaništa Lazarević, arch.
Conference Director
The University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture