Dr Sudimac Budimir

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade

Dr. Budimir Sudimac is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. After obtaining his Diploma in Architecture, Bachelor (1997) and Master degree (2010), he is employed at the Faculty of Architecture, at the Department of Architecture Technologies. He defended his doctoral dissertation in 2016 and obtained his PhD title. His research is mainly focused on innovative building envelopes using green wall components.

Professional development includes study stays: at the Faculty of Architecture La Défense, Paris (1992), Faculty of Architecture – UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil) at PROPAR (Architectural Research Post-Graduation Program), studio prof. Lucia Mascaro (1996) and Universität Stuttgart, Fakultät 1 Architektür und Stadtplanüng, Institut für Baukonstruktion, studio prof. Stefan Behling (2007).

In parallel to pedagogical engagement, he undertakes professional work in the areas of architecture and urban design as a single author or member of different teams. Participates at architecture and architecture-urbanism competitions and presents his works at group exhibitions in the country and abroad. He works on architecture design and research. Received an award at the 21st Salon of Architecture in Belgrade for the project Office building Equator in Banja Luka. Realised projects, competition submissions, and designs are regularly published in professional monographs and editorials.

Member of scientific research team on the science project Development and presentation of hybrid passive and active system of exploitation of solar energy for heating, natural ventilation, cooling, artificial lighting and other needs within national programme of energy efficiency (2006-2009) and Energy and social aspects of development of settlements and climate change – mutual impacts (2011-2015). Participates in international project COST within European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research, financed by European Science Foundation: COST Action TU1403 Adaptive Facades Network (2014-2018) and COST Action TU0701 – Improving the Quality of Suburban Building Stocks (2008-2012).