Dr Stamatios Zoras

Professor of the Future Cities University of Derby

He completed his PhD (UK funded scholarship) at Brunel University. He is expert in urban bioclimatic rehabilitations while been involved in the reformation of various Greek cities and in environmental design and assessment of city networks and monitoring. He acted as managing editor of Energy and Buildings Special Issue “Climatic Adaptation of Building Energy Performance” https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/energy-and-buildings/special-issue/10MDV1CSQ5F?sdc=1.

His major professional interest is energy design and efficiency in buildings and settlements by appropriate software tools. This encompasses following topics: building and settlements simulation (TAS, AMBIENS, ECOTECT, ANSYS-CFX, FLUENT), passive systems, earth-contact heat transfer numerical simulation, environmental fluid mechanics, explosion and evacuation strategy simulation, environmental quality and environmental information dissemination and public awareness.

Prof. Stamatios Zoras is active in research. He has published 4 books, more than 30 scientific journal articles, as well as more than 70 international and national conference papers. A special respect is given to the following scientific contributions:

  1. Zoras, S., Tsermentselis, A., Kosmopoulos, P., Dimoudi, A. Evaluation of the application of cool materials in urban spaces: A case study in the center of Florina, Sustainable Cities and Society, 13 223-229, (2014),
  2. C. Georgakis, S. Zoras, M. Santamouris, Studying the effect of ‘cool’ coatings in street urban canyons and its potential as a heat island mitigation technique, Sustainable Cities and Society, 13 20-31, (2014),
  3. S. Zoras, Urban Environment Thermal Improvement by the Bioclimatic Simulation of a Populated Open Urban Space in Greece, International Journal of Ambient Energy, Article in Press,
  4. Zoras, S., Dimoudi, A., Kosmopoulos, P., Analysis of conductive temperature variation due to multi-room underground interaction, Energy and Buildings, 55 433-438, (2012),
  5. A. Kantzioura, P. Kosmopoulos, S. Zoras. Urban surface temperature and microclimate measurements in Thessaloniki, 44 63-72, (2012), Energy and Buildings,
  6. S. Zoras, V. Evagelopoulos, J. Pytharoulis, G. Kallos, The development and validation of a novel based combination operational air quality forecasting system in Greece, 106(3-4), 127-133, (2010), Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics,
  7. S. Zoras, A review of building earth-contact heat transfer, Advances in Building Energy Research, 3, 289-314, (2009), INVITED PAPER,
  8. S. Zoras, A. G. Triantafyllou, V. Evagelopoulos, Aspects of year-long DOAS and ground station measurements in an urban street canyon nearby industrial pollution sources, Atmospheric Environment, 42, 4293-4303 (2008).

His most prominent research Projects are: (1) Microclimate Research Study for the Bioclimatic Reformation of the Open Centre in Polycentro, Ptolemaida, Eordaia Municipality; (2) Measurements and Simulation in the Assessment of the Bioclimatic Reformation in the Connection Streets between Archaeological Monuments in the City of Arta (Parigoritria Castle), Arta Municipality, and (3) Organization of Central System in the Management of air quality in the area of West Macedonia, Environmental Center, Ptolemaida, Greece.