Prof dr Predrag Sindjanin

Dr Šinđanin Predrag

University of Novi Sad – Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department of architecture and urbanism, Novi Sad, Serbia

Architect, professor at Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department of architecture and urbanism, University of Novi Sad. Hi finish MTD and PhD thesis at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. His MTD degree topic was integration of GIS spatial data and functionality with VR. His PhD topic was in academic area of urban design and artificial intelligence in cognitive science supported by OODBS.  His field of professional activities and research interest is directed on integration of ICT and urban design, planning and architecture. Member of couple professional associations and author of three international books, five chapters in international monographs and a significant number of scientific papers. He got URISA Academic Award in Chicago, USA, 1999. He participated in couple international and national project in the same field.  He was guest researcher and visiting professor at the universities in Trieste and Lisbon. Co-Founder of the Cathedra of theory and interpretation of space in architecture, master studies Digital techniques, design and production in architecture and urbanism and Digital design center, all at the Faculty of Technical Science in Novi Sad. He establish VR lab at the Faculty of Digital Production, at Educons Universitu in Sr. Kamenica, where he also teaching. Parallel with the professional activities in research and education, he is also internationally active as multimedia artist.