Dr Samardžić Nikola

Professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of History, Belgrade, Serbia

Dr Nikola Samardžić (Belgrade, 1961) is researching and teaching early modern history at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy. He has published following scientific monographs: Francuska i Turska (1992) [France and Turkey], Karlo V (2001, 2005) [Charles V], Istorija Španije (2003, 2005) [History of Spain], Drugi XX vek (2008) [Other XX century], Identitet Španije (2014) [Identity of Spain] (2014), Kulturna istorija Beograda, XVIII vek (2014, 2017) [Cultural history of Belgrade, XVIII century with Mirjana Roter-Blagojević], Pisma iz Carigrada 1688-1698 (2016) [Letters form Constantinople 1688-1698 with Marija Kocić] and [Limes. Historical margin and origin of the specificities of South-eastern Europe] (2017). Co-editor of The Peace of Passarowitz, 1718 (Purdue University Press, 2011). He is the Editor in chief of Limes Plus (published by Hisperia publishing house and NBI Belgrade Research Centre for Arts and Humanities) and Acta historiae, medicinae, stomatoloiae, pharmaciae, medicinae veterinae (published by the Scientific Society for the History of Health Culture). Fulbright Scholar 2003 (New York University).