Dr Miroslava Raspopovic _ M Photo BW

Dr Raspopović Miroslava

Faculty of Information Technology, Belgrade Metropolitan University, Belgrade, Serbia

Assistant professor. Dr. Rapospović earned her PhD at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Dr. Raspopovic was involved in projects: Research Experience for Undergraduate Students funded by National Science Foundation, Motorola Innovation: Vibes and Waves in Action: Path to Innovation in the Classroom, Dynamic Spectrum Sharing in Wireless Networks funded by MIT Lincoln Labs and National Science Foundation, Web-based Analysis and Visualization Environment funded by Open Indicators Consortium, Adaptive eLearning funded by Serbian Ministry of Education, Vibes and Waves in Action funded by National Science Foundation. Dr. Raspopovic’s research focuses on networking, performance analysis of wireless spectrum sharing and wireless channel modeling, methodologies and software architecture for adaptive eLearning, quality and performance of eLearning. Her activities at the University also involve mentoring students with their ICT innovations and promotion of ICT among youth.