Dr Nayer Aida

Assistant Professor at Effat University, College of Architecture and Design, JeddahMakkahSaudi Arabia

She received her Ph.D. in Architecture, Special topic: Construction Project Management from University of Alexandria, Egypt in June 2013; entitled, Heuristic Approach for Risk Management in Construction Contracts, Modeling for EPC FIDIC Conditions of Contracts. She has received her B.Sc. in Architecture from Alexndria University (Egypt),1995 and was awarded an M.Sc. degree in Information Technology from Graduates Studies and Research Institute, Alexandria University(Egypt), 2005 introducing Decision Support System for Building Regulations and the Built environment. Dr. Aida is a licensed Engineer, since 1995; She is a member of the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate (EES). Along with proceeding Post Graduate Studies, Dr. A. Nayer has developed a career in Multi-national Contracting companies, in the field of architectural design and lately Technical Office Manager for Various accomplished Construction Projects in Cairo and Alexandria. Prior Joining Effat University, Dr. A. Nayer occupies the Position of Assistant Professor in the High Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ministry of Higher Education, Egypt.Dr. Aida researches interests related to Risk Management, and Energy Consumption Solutions for the Built environment, Spacial consciousness in architectural spaces.