Dr Lucia Martincigh _ M Photo BW

Dr Martincigh Lucia

University RomaTre, Faculty of Architecture, Rome, Italy

Architect, Professor of Architectural Technology, University Roma Tre, Rome, Italy. Co-ordinator of the Doctorate: “Sustainable Urban Development”. Director of the Postgraduate Specialisation Course: “Eco-sustainable Design”. Expert for evaluation of EC research. National Delegate EC COST Programs: Action C6, C11, C358. Scientific responsible for national and European research on sustainable mobility, urban design, and upgrading, environmental and energy issues (e.g. PROMISING, PROMPT, SIZE, ASI, TATT). Coordinator of interdisciplinary groups for pilot projects. Mentions and prizes for research and projects. Scientific coordinator, lecturer, chairperson at national/international conferences. Walk 21 Programme Committee member. WHO Editorial Board member. National and international publishing activity: articles, essays, and books.