Ivanišin Krunoslav

Founder of the Ivanišin-Kabaši Architects, Dubrovnik, Craotia

Architect and the founder of the Ivanišin-Kabaši Architects which opened an architectural practice in Dubrovnik and Zagreb in 2003.

Born in Dubrovnik, under the medieval walls and in one of a house designed by famous Dobrović, his work is colored with a special type of refinement. He finished his studies at Zagreb’s Faculty of Architecture. Research oriented practice is active in fields of architectural design and urban/ territorial planning. In his design bureau, he won a number of design competitions. The projects of various scales, both for private and public clients have exhibited and lectured internationally, including the International Exhibition of Architecture at the Venice Biennale. His work’s significance is for our broader territory often compared with Moneo in Portugal or with a Mediterranean way of perceiving the issues as Carlo Scarpa for example, as refinely structured, minimalistic and unique. With “3LHD”, which representative Prof. Begović was PT Conference keynote in 2016 and “Dva arhitekta” office; arch. Ivanišin’s design bureau represent and is well known as the highest quality Croatian contemporary architecture offers today. His recent accomplishment, as well, is an exquisite Monograph co-authored with Prof. Ljiljana Blagojević about Dobrović’s life and work in Dubrovnik. (Ivanišin, Thaler, Blagojević: “Dobrović in Dubrovnik – A Venture in Modern Architecture”; Jovis 2016).