Dr Gospodini Aspa

Professor of Urban Planning and Design, Director of the Research Unit of Urban Space Morphology

Dr. Aspa Gospodini is Full Professor at the University of Thessaly, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Planning & Regional Development. She is a professor of Urban Planning and Design and Director of the Research Unit of Urban Space Morphology. She was a Vice President of The Spatial Planning Authority of Thessaloniki’s Metropolitan Area (Organization of Planning and Environmental Protection of Thessaloniki, in Greek). Reviewer of many international peer reviewed journals: Journal of Urban Design, International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning, Urban Design International Cities, Urban Design International, Urban Studies, Regional Studies, Progress in Planning, Technika Chronika (in Greek), Aeichoros (in Greek). Member of AESOP (Association of European Schools of Planning) and ICOMOS (International Council of Monuments and Sites) – Branch of Greece. Consultant of the theme-issue ‘Urban Landscapes’. Member of scientific committees in the ‘Institute for Strategic and Development Studies – Andreas Papandreou’ (ISTAME) – a center for political research and analysis with a focus on democracy, social issues, environment, sustainable development, green economies, and others. Member of the Greek Association of Urban and Regional Planners and the Greek Association of Architects. She is Practicing Architect and Urban designer

Prof. Aspa Gospodini has participated in the scientific committee of 12 international conferences and she delivered presentations in 24 international conferences and 14 Greek conferences while she was invited as keynote speaker in 7 conferences. Her published research work has so far been cited 349 times. She is the winner of AESOP Prize for the Best Published Paper 2005 (Association of European Schools of Planning), for the paper Beriatos E., Gospodini, A. (2004) “Glocalizing Urban Landscapes – Athens and the 2004 Olympics”, Cities 21(3): 187-202, and for the Best Published Paper 2007, for the paper Gospodini, A. (2006), ‘Portraying, Classifying and Understanding the emerging landscapes in the Post-industrial city’, in Cities 23(5): 311-331. She is the author of a large number of scientific works published in highly rated international monographs, journals, and conference proceedings.