MSc Gabrijelčič Peter

Professor in retirement at University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Architecture, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Prof. Peter Gabrijelčič is a professor in retirement at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. He graduated in 1973 at the faculty, with professor Edo Ravnikar as a mentor. He was the dean of the faculty and the full professor of urban planning and architecture. He was a guest professor at universities in Belgrade (1990), Graz (1990), Milan (1993-94), Birmingham (1994), New York (1995), Venice (1995), Trento (1995), Oxford (1995), Philadelphia (1997), Skopje (1998), Oslo (1998), Pescara (3002), Grenoble (1998, 2004), Barcelona (2001-02), Ankara (2002, 2007-08).

He won many awards, such as the “Borba” Award for Slovenian architecture, “Prešern Foundation” Award, “Belgrade Salon of Architecture” Award, “Architecture Event of the Year Award” in Belgrade, European Architectural Award in London, Trend award. He also won the Golden Pencil and the Platinum Pencil awards of the Slovenian Chamber for Architecture and Space.

He has co-authored numerous design projects for international competitions. His professional opus also includes numerous collective exhibitions and several individual exhibitions in New York (1994), Milan (1994), Portorož (1995), Venice (1995), Maribor (1995), Brussels (1995), Udine (1994), Trento (1995), Zagreb (1996), Vienna (1996), Brno (1997), Prague (1997), Sarajevo (1998), Budapest (1998) and Ljubljana (1993, 1995, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007).