Dr Laura Aelenei _ M Photo BW

Dr Aelenei Laura

National Energy and Geology Laboratory (LNEG), Lisbon, Portugal

Dr Laura Aelenei is a Civil Engineer, Master Degree in Buildings Rehabilitation and PhD Civil Engineering (heat and mass transfer, fluid dynamics through building ventilated envelope systems). Since 2007 is Researcher at LNEG, working in the field of research of energy efficiency in the building sector; this includes energy design of buildings with application of passive design principles, building integration of passive and active solar technologies and renewable energy systems, thermal and energy performance analysis with the use of simulation models, buildings regulation and certification. She has also been involved in several national activities, participated in national regulation commissions, seminars, and conferences. She was participating as a national expert in the International Energy Agency (IEA) SHC Task 40 / ECBCS Annex 52 “Towards Net Zero Energy Solar Buildings”. She is a coordinator of national and international research projects, active participant at Cost Action TU1205 Building Integrated Solar Thermal Systems and WP Leader in the Cost Action TU1403 Adaptive Façade Network.