Dr Vaništa Lazarević Eva (Head for Media and Communications)

University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia

Professor at Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade, Serbia (2008 – present). Started her professional career at Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade on 1990 (25 years). Professional experience as educator, urban and architectural design practitioner, researcher and editor. Founder and Architect in charge in architectural design studio “Atelier Eva Vaništa Lazarević” in Belgrade (www.evavanistalazarevic.com) where she accomplished dozens of architectural projects, residential complexes, hotels, interiors and social housing. Expert in urban renewal and urban regeneration which was the topic of her PhD thesis. She wrote two books about, both awarded. Her professional focus is in the scope of Urban design and Contextual architecture. Her Master degree topic was connected with protection of cultural and architectural heritage. Published over 40 scientific papers, editor of several scientific Magazines. Dozens of prizes for architectural competitions, national and international, memberships of Juries for architectural competitions. Co-Founder and Technical Director of International Scientific Conference on Places and Technologies. The Founder of Specialist Study at the Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade named after her Book: Urban renewal in New Millennium concerning Urban regeneration and Urban design. Visiting professor at EU University of Sopot, Poland.