7th International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies

Keeping up with technologies to act responsively in urban environment

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Dr. Aleksandra Đukić (Conference Director)
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia

Dr. Aleksandra Krstić-Furundžić (Head of Publishing)
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia

Dr. Eva Vaništa Lazarević (Head of Marketing and Communications)
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia

Dr. Milena Vukmirović (Conference Program Director)
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry, Belgrade, Serbia



This Proceedings from the 7th International Conference Places and Technologies: Keeping up with Technology to act Responsively with Urban Environment, which was held in Belgrade in October 2020, contributes to the discussion about the future of society and places and the role of technology in it and discussions with respect to strategy for responsive quality environment. More than 70 papers from 18 countries were presented during the conference. The organizers of the conference were: University of Belgrade (Faculty of Architecture) and Professional Association Urban Labora- tory (UrbanLab). The aim of the conference was raising the questions about the future of our cities and environment, understanding from the critical aspect, the importance and role of technology in designing creative ideas to improve places. The stated general objectives point to the necessity of a multidisciplinary approach to this matter and comes under the framework of different disci- plines: engineering and technical sciences, humanities and social sciences that share the same visions and goals. However, new urban and building concepts have been created mostly relaying on ICT. Furthermore, the main focuses of the articles are related to what extent the technologies could provide responsive development of built environment. In contemporary progressive practice, urban environments have been designed to act responsively to climate change, energy efficiency, protection of heritage, identity, and the main goal of successful urban development is to provide responsive urban plans and urban designs supported with new technologies as the most powerful tools for their implementations.

The Proceedings is organised into the five parts:

  • responsive urban and territorial planning,
  • responsive urban design,
  • responsive architecture,
  • responsive heritage protection and
  • responsive technologies in architecture.

The significance of this conference lies in the pressing need for the integration of smart technologies and contemporary urban concepts which provide sustainable city development. Different problems in the domains of urban design and planning, architectural design, building technologies, urban sociology, ICT, transport and traffic studies, resilience of place, climate change, adaptive reuse, cities and health, landscape architecture, identity, heritage etc. are presented and discussed in more than 70 conference papers made by professors, researchers and PhD students from all over Europe and the world.

We are committed to our initial goal to improve the level of scientific status of Serbia and the region. Places and Technologies conference become traditional international event gathering researchers all around the world and has provided an opportunity for them to advance their positions in the ac- ademic hierarchy, to build their research networks and to develop new scientific projects. Presentation and the quality of the papers that are results of new studies, debates and research strengthen our ambition to keep the importance of our conference among many European ones.


Dr Aleksandra Djukic, Conference Director



The University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture and
Professional Association Urban Laboratory