7th International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies has three bodies that cover aspects of functioning of the conference and which are represented by the eminent experts in the relevant Conference fields:

Conference Scientific Committee

Conference Organising Committee

Conference Technical Committee

Topics and goals of this conference are in line with the priorities of the Europe 2020 Strategy and the Horizon 2020 research projects funding possibilities. It is within this framework that we see the possibility of continuing our cooperation in the future, which is to be some form of the conference follow-up. In general, it is expected of the members of the Committee:

  • To give advice about the Conference topics and on the Conference in general
  • To promote the conference
  • To help in the reviewing processes
  • To manage sessions at the time of the conference

Their contribution to this attempt is certainly of tremendous importance for this initiative and with the aim to grow PT Network, established as a follow-up of previous conferences.