In order to achieve the stated benefits of the conference the authors and the participants need to register for the conference.



Conference Places and Technologies 2018 offers the following conditions for participation (each fee is valid for one person):

Ordinary early bird fee by 15th February 2018 250 EUR
Student early bird fee by 15th February 2018 80 EUR
Ordinary fee 300 EUR
Student fee 110 EUR
Accompanying person early bird fee by 15th February 2018 120 EUR
Accompanying person fee 150 EUR
Listener early bird 120 EUR
Listener 150 EUR
Special fee* 110 EUR
Fee for professional/not scientific papers**  80 EUR

*The participation for scientists from organizers institutions is defined by special fee level (when registering to the conference please add the certificate).

** For the first time, the P&T Conference supports the submission of professional papers and provides their publication in the Proceedings of professional papers.  The aim is to launch and enable the presentation of concrete design concepts and realizations in the field of urban design and planning and design and construction of buildings and infrastructure, as well as the presentation of the construction industry Рvarious products, systems and construction technologies. Through these papers, professionals as well as the public will be able to become more familiar with current and new architectural achievements.

Note: All bank charges MUST be paid by the payer

If the paper is presented at the conference by one author, the others are welcomed to the conference under the accompanying person fee or PhD student fee if they belong to that category.

The participation fee includes:

  • Access to the conference and all parallel sessions
  • Full electronic proceedings and book of abstracts
  • Lunches and coffee breaks during the conference

Official dinner is included only with an ordinary fee, for other participants the cost will be 20 EUR.

Conference fee does not include accommodation payment.

For the first 5 students whose papers are accepted for the conference will be allowed to participate without conference fee.

If you would like your paper to be include into conference proceedings, please pay the fee no later than 15th March 2018.

Payment instructions

Payment instructions for international participants can be downloaded HERE. (Transfers in EUR)

Payment instructions for participants from the Republic of Serbia can be downloaded HERE. (Transfers in RSD)