How to create comfortable and attractive environments

The main topic of this Masterclass is the Design of Public Space (for pedestrians or for so-called slow-traffic). WALKABILITY is related to HEALTHY and LIVEABLE CITIES. The design of public space may differ between Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Not only due to variations in climate conditions (sun, temperature and wind speed), also local habitats, the way of living and mobility are rather different (car use, walkability) which affect pedestrian movement, noise, and air. The squares in Belgrade are characterized by static, large-scale squares whereas the Western European squares are usually smaller, on a local scale.


It is felt that researching and designing public space, and especially squares positioned in a network of public spaces, will offer the students a good opportunity to discover where, how and why squares should be designed. They can also investigate the role and uses of squares in the city; How they could be designed; and how they relate to other public spaces, such as any existing pedestrian network and other squares.


Dr Bob Giddings

Northumbria University Faculty of Engineering and Environment, Newcastle, United Kingdom

Dr Stefan van der Spek

Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment, Delft, Netherlands